Decluttering & Keepsake Art

 Where ever possible, I try to incorporate recycled textiles & found items into my art.  Occasionally these will be charity shop finds, but often the textiles I use are clothes that my children have grown out of, & are no longer good enough to pass on to friends for their children. My children are growing up learning to recognise natural fibre materials from clothes labels & then get to see the resultant change from their clohing into pieces of sculpture or mixed media canvases - a great way to repurpose & recycle.

On 6th February I had a meeting with an Organisational Angel - Lesley Beattie with some exciting outcomes.  Lesley works with clients to help them declutter & organise their homes, perhaps helping them to move on from a bereavement, divorce, or other life change.  However, she also recognises that there are items in everyone's life that hold a special sentimental attachment & therefore, need to be kept because of the memories associated with them.

The tricky thing is what to do with these items?  Putting them back into the wardrobe or shut away in a drawer is not really in the spirit of decluttering, & on a psychological level, it is a little like shutting the memories away as well, rather than getting them out, dusting them off, & celebrating the good times (& sometimes bad) that we all go through in life.

Lesley & I discussed the possibilities of a joint venture - taking those treasured items that her clients wih to keep & transforming them into pieces of art for their home or garden.  Something that they can have out on display instead of tucked away in a cupboard.  A way to take those memories & transition them into the new, decluttered lifestyle of the future in a positive way, with the client part of the design process if they wish.

Watch this space for further developments about this exciting project as we work out the finer details....

For more information about the services that Lesley offers, please visit her website or call on 07927 714123




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